Kenestupa Travel Center is located in Utsjoki, the northernmost municipality in Finland and Europe. Kenestupa is located right next to Kevo hiking trail and is open from June to the mid October every year. However, within these few months Kenestupa offers phenomenal experience! Especially September is one of the best months to visit Kenestupa as ‘Ruska’ (a Finnish word for the autumn) which colors the nature with its amazing colors.

Anyone who enjoys the nature, fishing, hiking or just Lapland in general will enjoy Kenestupa.

Kenestupa is located by highway 4 between Kaamanen and Utsjoki, 66 km to the North from Kaamanen and 27 km to the South from Utsjoki. See more precise location details here.




Kenestupa is one of the oldest accommodation service providers in Utsjoki. By the lake there is a cottage made of logs, ’Actual Kenestupa’, that was built about 100 years ago as a sleeping place for postmen. There are still signs about the Early Metal Age’s settlements.

The post trail passing through Kenesvaara is part of the trail from Inari to Utsjoki, known since 18th century, and passes through Utsjokilaakso’s (Utsjoki Valley) nationally valuable landscape. The trail’s about 6 km long museum road begins from Kenestupa and finishes on the north side of Kenesjärvi. The trail and bridge constructions can still be seen.

The trails acted as an official post road from 1800’s until the end of 1950’s. Along the route there were little cottages (built by the government), i.e. Kenestupa, where postmen could stay overnight. 1.10.1888 Lapland got four new post stations, of which one was in Utsjoki. The post was delivered from Kaamanen to Utsjoki by foot, rowing, riding a horse or a reindeer or by skiing. The 103km long route was first done every other week, and later three post men did the route three times a week both ways. Boats were used when needed. The mail backbag was agreed to weigh 18kg and for any extra kilo the post men had to carry, they got an extra compensation. The story tells that Utsjoki’s first tiles for the municipality’s house was carried by the postmen, probably two or three tiles at a time. In the summer of 1940, the trail was reconditioned so that bicycles could be ride on it. A road accessible by cars was completed in Syysjärvi in 1938 and in Utsjoki in 1958. That is when the regular mail traffic began.

But the cottages were not only for the post men but also other travelers could stay in them if they complied with the unwritten law: ”when the cottages are full, the first ones in must move to make room for the people who arrived last”.

Kenestupa is a translation of the original Samí name Cannesstophu. The name is believed to originate from the Sami mythology; a mountain elf, who lived in the cliff by Kenesjärvi (Canesjavrin). Generally speaking Canes-mountain elf was seen as a friendly gnome who, however, when being irritated did cause all kind of trouble to its irritators. The travelers today are encourages to respect this old belief in all their operations by behaving respectfully and giving respect for the nature.







Kenestupa postrail



Booking terms and conditions

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Actual Kenestupa

ACTUAL KENESTUPA (1 & 2) - 4 ppl/cottage

A cottage made of logs, that was built about 100 years ago originally for post men.

  • Two bunk beds
  • Kitchenette (fridge and hob)
  • Fireplace
  • Electric heating
  • No running water
  • Outdoor toilet




Brown cottage

BROWN COTTAGES (3 & 4) - 2 ppl/cottage

Brown cottages located on the hill offer an amazing lakeview!

  • One bunk bed
  • Kitchenette (utensils, fridge, coffee machine, kettle, microwave, hob)
  • Outdoor toilet
  • Electric heating
  • No running water





Red cottage

RED COTTAGES (6, 7 & 8) - 4 ppl/cottage

A cottage with an own shower!

  • Two bunk beds (bottom one 120cm and top one 90cm)
  • Running water
  • Shower and toilet
  • Electric heating
  • Kitchenette (utensils, fridge, coffee machine, kettle, microwave, hob)






Kenestupa is located by highway 4 between Kaamanen and Utsjoki, 66 km to the North from Kaamanen and 27 km to the South from Utsjoki. See more precise location details here. Address: Utsjoentie 2735, 99800 Utsjoki, Finland - see the exact location on the map.


• Ivalo Airport ca. 147 km
• Kittilä Airport ca. 300 km
• Rovaniemi Airport ca. 420 km


• Helsinki-Rovaniemi ca. 10 hours


• From Rovaniemi ca. 6-9 hours
• From Ivalo ca. 2-3 hours

Utsjoki's services

About Utsjoki

 Kenestupa kartta




We also offer transportation services to and from Kevo hiking trails. Please note that we can only transfer cars that have been registered to Finland (due to insurances, unless you have a vehicle specific insurance), max. four people at per transfer. Bookings latest one week before!



Lakeside saunas can be hired every day from June to September every year. You can either book beforehand or at the destination by calling +35850 362 1113. We recommend you to always book beforehand to avoid any dissapointment.



Guests staying at Kenestupa can hire our rowing boat for the price of 5€/hour (incl. life jackets).



You can do the final cleaning yourself or Eräsaukko Oy can do it for the price of 30€/hour.



Kenestupa sauna






Also the following activities are available in Kenestupa:

  • Hiking - Kevo, approx. 60km - more info here
  • Rowing boat (incl. life jackets) - 5€/hour
  • Lakeside saunas - 6€/person/hour (please note that the sauna takes about 30mins to heat up)
  • Photography
  • Berry and mushroom picking

Other activities near Kenestupa:

 Stairs leading to Kevo hiking trail