Lapiosalmi, located in Posio in Finland, is a travel center specialised in nature travel. Lapiosalmi offers natural, but above all peaceful environment for your holiday. Our travel center is an excellent place for an unforgettable adventure holiday, conferences, and special occasions or for a different types of camps. This is why Lapiosalmi is a popular place for all types of travelers from families with kids to business and independent travelers.

Leave the stress behind you and come and enjoy Lapiosalmi’s spectacular landscape! In Lapiosalmi you will find perfect peace, camp fires and many kind of activities. Right next to our travel center there is Korouoma Canyon, several hiking trails, crystal clear fishing lakes, hunting and berry picking woods, cross country ski tracks and the rugged landscape of Lapland, not forgetting Recluse-Eemeli’s cottage (you can read his story here).

Lapiosalmi’s catering services can be booked beforehand. Our skillful chef will make anything from a breakfast to a dinner. If requested, the breakfast supplies can also be delivered in your cottage’s fridge to wait for the next morning.

We offer accommodation and versatile services everyone from independent travelers and families to companies and bigger groups.






aimola and koppelo winter.JPG

Aimola - 8 ppl

Aimola provides peace and quiet even for a bigger group.

  • 4 x twin rooms
  • Kitchen (utensils, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, hob, oven)
  • Radio
  • Shower, toilet
  • No pets allowed

Aimola is in the same building as Koppelo.



Iso and Pikku Kuulea winter

Pikku Kuulea - 4 ppl

An own terrace with a lakeview.

  • One twin bedroom
  • One bedroom with a sofa bed
  • Kitchen (utensils, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, hob)
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Terrace with lake view
  • Toilet
  • Shared sauna and shower facilities with Iso Kuulea
  • No pets allowed

Pikku Kuulea is in the same building as Iso Kuulea.


Korotalo winter


Korotalo - 6 ppl

Spacious cottage for 4-6 people, nearby the lake.

  • Two twin bedrooms
  • Two single beds in the front room
  • Spacious kitchen (utensils, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, oven, hob)
  • Spacious front room with TV
  • Own sauna
  • Shower, toilet
  • Pets allowed





Pirtti - 12 + 4 ppl

Pirtti has been moved to Lapiosalmi in 1979 from the southwest of Korouoma.

This log-house can accommodate up to 12 people. There are two bedrooms for six people each and upstairs there is a 'summer house' for four people.

  • Two bedrooms for six people each with three bunk beds
  • (Spare bedroom upstairs for four people)
  • Separate toilet and shower facilities for male/female
  • A conference/education/meeting room for up to 100 people
  • No pets allowed


aimola and koppelo winter.JPG

Koppelo - 5-6 ppl

Koppelo has an amazing lakeview!

  • One bedroom with two bunk beds
  • One sofa bed in the front room
  • Kitchen (utensils, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, hob, oven)
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Spacious shower and toilet facilities
  • No pets allowed

Koppelo is in the same building as Aimola.


Iso and Pikku Kuulea winter

Iso Kuulea - 6 ppl

A cottage with an amazing lakeview and an own fireplace!

  • Two twin bedrooms
  • One bedroom with a sofa bed
  • Kitchen (utensils, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, hob)
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Fireplace
  • Terrace with lake view
  • Toilet
  • Shared sauna and shower facilities with Pikku Kuulea
  • No pets allowed

Iso Kuulea is in the same building as Pikku Kuulea.


metsäpirtti winter

Metsäpirtti - 4 ppl

Basic cottage without amenities.

  • Two bunk beds
  • No running water
  • Fridge, two hobs, microwave
  • Electric heating
  • Shared shower and toilet facilities in a separate building approx. 20-50m away
  • Pets allowed



Lapiosalmitalo - 47 ppl

This main building can accommodate up to 47 people - perfect for big groups!

8 different size bedrooms
Bunk beds
Dining room downstairs
Separate toilet and shower facilities for male/female
No pets allowed


Maijala and Marttala winter

Maijala & Marttala - 2 ppl/cottage

Real 80's atmosphere!

  • Two single beds in each cottage
  • No running water
  • No amenities
  • Electric heating
  • Shared shower and toilet facilities in a separate building approx. 20-50m away
  • Pets allowed

Maijala and Marttala are in the same building.



 Other types of accommodation

There is also an area for tents and caravans.

  • Caravan
    • 6€/night/adult
    • 4€/night/under 18yrs
  • Tent
    • 6€/night/adult
    • 4€/night/under 18yrs




Lapiosalmi is located about 14km from Central Posio towards Ranua. The address: Lapiosalmentie 9, 97900 Posio - see the exact location on the map.


There are several car rental companies i.e. at Kuusamo and Rovaniemi Airports.
Lapiosalmi is located in Posio, in the other end of ’Erauspojan polku’, that goes through ’Korouoma rotkokanjoni’. About 19 km from central Posio, to the direction of Ranua.
From Kuusamo Airport, take the road 81 to Posio and then continue on the road 863 for about 7.5km and then take the right turn onto the road 941 (Ranuantie). Continue about 10.5km and then the destination is on the right (Lapiosalmentie).


• Kuusamo Airport ca. 85 km
• Rovaniemi Airport ca. 150 km
• Kittilä Airport ca. 300 km

• Helsinki-Rovaniemi ca. 10 hours


• From Kuusamo ca. 1 hour
• From Rovaniemi ca. 2 hours


Services in Posio

Posio brochure

 lapiosalmi map





Lapiosalmi’s lakeside saunas have been rebuilt in spring 2014. The small sauna can fit maximum of ten people at a time and the bigger sauna can fit max. 20 people. Saunas can be booked all year round by calling +358400 328 053. Both saunas have a big terrace where you can enjoy warm summer nights and the lake is only a stone’s throw away. The bravest ones can go ice swimming in winter!

Lapiosalmi also has a tent sauna for up to 40-50 people.



Having a meeting or a conference in Lapiosalmi is easy! Pirttisali can fit up to 100 people at a time, you have all needed equipment for meetings and our kitchen takes care of the catering side. After your meeting you can for example relax in our lakeside sauna or do a few kilometer hike around Lapiosalmi. Ask for a quote and we can tailor make your conference package with accommodation or any activities.



Lapiosalmi is a perfect place for throwing a party! Get married in a little island by the lake; the bride can arrive to the ceremony by a boat! After the party you can continue your reception i.e. in our Pirtti-building. Lapiosalmi is also a popular place for birthday celebrations as all guests can accommodate in Lapiosalmi too! We can provide you with food services but as we do not have the alcohol license, you may bring your own drinks.

The whole place can be hired just for you, ask for a quote!



Lapiosalmi is a great place for all types of group events such as teambuilding events or for camps such scout camps. We have great facilities for orchestra or theatre camps too! We are happy to help you with all organising and activities. Everyone from children to adults will enjoy Lapiosalmi! Contact us for a quote.



Lapiosalmi is not just for sleeping – you can also for example zip line your way over Salmijärvi or play a round of forest golf! Food services can be pre-booked if the size of the group is minimum of four people. We also offer transportation services to and from Korouoma. Please note that we can only transfer cars that have been registered to Finland (due to insurances, unless you have a vehicle specific insurance), but we can transport you by our own car (max. four people at per transfer). We recommend you to book early, especially in summer as it is our busiest season!


 new lakeside saunasnew lakeside saunas refurbisfed in 2014

new lakeside saunas refurbisfed in 2014 (4)






In and around Lapiosalmi can be found many kind of activities - something for everyone!


Lapiosalmi's acitivities:

  • Canoes (incl. life jacket) - 5€/hour
  • Rowing boat (incl. life jacket) - 5€/hour
  • Wilderness guiding (max. 15 ppl in a group) - 41€/hour
  • Cross country skiing - Lapiosalmi skiing tracks (PDF)
  • Ice fishing and fishing in Salmijärvi
  • Ice swimming
  • Lakeside saunas
  • Hiking - i.e. Korouoma or around Lapiosalmi
  • Photography
  • Berry- and mushroom picking
  • Snow shoes
  • Zip line - 300 meters long zip line across the lake 'Salmijärvi' - 5€/person (incl. safety gear and guiding)
  • Outdoor theatre - for events for up to 200-250 people
  • Teepee - the real Lappish teepee for events for up to 40 people

Other activities around Lapiosalmi:

 Lapiosalmi winter activities


Zip line



Ice climbing


The Story of Recluse-Eemeli 


From the late 50’s to 1966, there lived a man called Elias Mäkelä in a little cottage in the woods of Lapiosalmi. He was known as “Recluse-Eemeli”, but he called himself “Fish-Eemeli”. His red cottage is kept as it was left and is now an attraction. Eemeli’s rough life still speaks to.

Fish-Eemeli’s real name was Elias Reinhold Mäkelä. He was born in Yli-Kiiminki on 22nd March 1905. Not much is known about his life. According to a lore, he was engaged when a young man but his fiancé unexpectedly died just before the wedding. Eemeli is likely to been working at the sea because he had a tattoo on the back of his hand. Not many people had tattoos on the 60’s other than sailors and prisoners. He had also been studying shoemaking. The elder people in Posio remember him going from house to house doing his cobbler jobs. His toolbox and a few shoe trees can still be found in his cottage’s porch.

Eemeli had gradually moved from the coast towards Posio. It appears of his estate that Eemeli had still lived in Pudasjärvi in 1958. Eemeli had done different jobs in forests for example in Kuusamo forest management’s areas in Posio. On his withholding receipts it has been written: ”pulpwood preparation”, ”contract jobs” etc.. Before he built his last cottage by the stream between the lakes Latvajärvi and Salmijärvi, he lived in a hut of reindeer herders, near Ojennusjärvi, few kilometers away from Lapiosalmi. According to the neighbors you can still find his dog’s grave.

Eemeli began to build his last cottage in 1959, during when Posio-Ranua road’s bridge was rebuilt. The locals had an access to the demolition garbage for a while and also Eemeli found some wood of the garbage for his cottage. He transported the wood by his boat ‘Kiva’, to the stream that falls from the lake Latvajärvi, and then carried them to his construction side. According to his own story he was building the cottage day and night. If it started raining or he got tired, he fell asleep in his shelter made of sprigs. In his last years’ Eemeli’s health was getting worse so he retired in the beginning of 1964. Eemeli’s pension was 139 marks (ca. 23€) a month. In 1966 the pension went up to 179 marks (ca. 30€) a month – a milk carton was below one mark back then. (Marks were the currency Finland used before euros).
Eemeli had a pen pal in Germany called Reinhold Frommer, who wrote fluent Finnish and was jealous of Eemeli’s lifestyle. Also names Reiner and Ann-Marie Frommer (-Brazen) and their son Akim were mentioned in the letters. Ann-Marie wrote so fluent Finnish that she could have been born in Finland.
Then in summer 1963 Lapiosalmi’s peace was disturbed for a while when tens of scouts arrived for their first camp. One morning Eemeli showed up in the camp kitchen with a bunch of whitefish and wanted to exchange the fish for some coffee and sugar. After a short conversation they exchanged the products and since then the camp leaders Jaakko Grandlund and Martti Kauppinen became friends with Recluse-Eemeli. Eemeli became a regular visitor of their scout camps. “Huokausten silta” (the bridge of sighs) has been lifted to its current height with the help and lead of Lapiosalmi’s ‘aboriginal’ so that Eemeli’s Kiva-boat together with its rowers would fit underneath it.

It was like Eemeli would have predicted his fate, because in autumn 1966 when the first ice came, he drowned near the stream that falls to the lake Salmijärvi. Eemeli was going to visit Manninen on the Ranua road. He had stopped to value the strength of the ice but decided to walk to the road along the ice. After only few steps the “king of the wilderness” went through the ice. Even though it was only few meters to the bank, the old man could not get up from the deep, icy water. Eemeli’s hat was left next to the hole in ice and bereaved Musti-dog was left behind. Eemeli was buried in Posio and the only ‘relatives’ were the authorities.

When Lapiosalmi’s Pirtti-building was introduced in 1979, the guests put up a wooden cross on which they attached a copper tag with personal details. Lapiosalmi’s staff has every year honored his memory by taking a candle to his grave. On the 22nd March 2005 it has been 100 years since the birth of Eemeli.

The following video was made in March 1966, about a month after Eemeli passed away. The video is only in Finnish.

VIDEO (only in Finnish) 




Eemeli's cottage


Eemeli's cottage


Recluse-Eemeli's cottage


Eemeli's cottage